Thursday, 3 March 2011

Is cycling more sophisticated than football?

I watched what was a highly entertaining but massively depressing game of football last night.  Why am I so depressed when my team won and progressed to the quarter finals of the Scottish cup.  Because of this little incident;

The video quality is a little poor but it shows all that is wrong with Scottish football with the manger of Celtic (Neil Lennon) and manager in waiting of Rangers (Ally McCoist) engaged in a teenage bigoted shoving match.  The player are young and stupid but those two should set a better example.

It got me thinking though is cycling a more civilised sport and should I finally lay down my life long obsession with Celtic.  I had almost given up on football forever when I found this;

It turns out that not all cyclists are peace loving beatnik types, I guess I should stick to watching rugby.

If you want to see a nice bike video though there is one here, it's like bike porn, without the naked ladies.

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