Tuesday, 15 March 2011

London 2012 Olympic Cycling Tickets

So it's official the tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games went on sale this morning and you can pick your tickets up here.  I am quite interested in attending some of the cycling events and would love to go to the velodrome, pictured below and see Sir Chris Hoy in action.

I was however more than a little shocked when I read this article on www.bikeradar.com and found out exactly how expensive tickets for the track events are going to be.

I thought the London 2012 Olympics were supposed to be for everyone and were supposed to give the common man access to one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world.

Do you think that Mr and Mrs Average are being priced out of sporting events or do you believe that the high price of tickets for the London 2012 Olympics are the price we have to pay for hosting the games?

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