Wednesday, 2 March 2011

We Hate Chippenham the Mountain Bike Search Continues

Since last I blogged several things gave happened in my life most of them good and one very very bad.  The good stuff doesn't stick in my memory so much as the shoddy treatment I had at the hands of Chippenham Motorcycles (for those of you searching for info in this company read on).

I have a small motorcycle which I use to commute to work and play on the roads at the weekend, it's a Honda CBR 125r 2006 plate.

Recently some nice visitor to the quaint little village I live in knocked it over and picked it up without telling me result a broken brake lever and bent bar weight.  In essence  £100 worth of damage.

During those repairs Chippenham Motorcycles told me that to keep my bike roadworthy it would need a further £270 of repairs.  Luckily I have a friend from Fast Bikes Magazine who took a look at it and told me the real bill would be closer to £65 for a new chain and sprocket kit.  Shame on you Chippenham Motorcycles for taking advantage of a newbie motorcyclist.

I still love my bike but I am also continuing my search for a MTB and have now found out that there are some for under £500 that might do the job rather than the £1000 that other people suggested.  I am Scottish and tight so I will try a few of these Best Mountain Bikes Under £500 and let you all know.

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  1. Like! Garages are such as mixed bag - you get the odd honest one, but the vast majority are just looking for easy money/to rip you off. Bastards.