Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Should they just legalise cheating?

"The Cheat" has certainly become a factor in most modern professional sports.  All the way from the histrionics of most players on the football field below is my favourite dive;

 To ball tampering in Cricket matches;

(*insert obvious testicle related pun here)

The most controversial cheats however are the athletes who take performance enhancing drugs.  (This does not include the professional Scottish cricketer who tested positive for ecstacy click here if you don't believe.)  It does however include Athletes like Dwayne Campbell and Ben Johnson. Do they ruin it for everyone else?

Finally there are those athletes who have turned cheating into an art form, they are the undoubted masters of the lame excuse (you can see the best here).  Doping accusations are so common place in modern professional cycling that they may as well just legalise it and be done.  I for one would pay good money to see a Steve Austin style bionic cyclist whizz by at 100mph.

Do you agree?

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