Friday, 25 February 2011

Ice Bike brought back some painful memories.

I went to my second show in the cycle industry this week in sunny Milton Keynes.  It's is called IceBike which as a name is only half true as there was no ice to be seen but there were a shed load of bikes.  The Guys from BikeRadar have put a ton of pictures up here.

Whilst I was touring the show floor I met the guys from Kryptonite who make the worlds toughest bicycle locks, so tough in fact that on some they offer a £1000 guarantee that it wont be broken.  When my beloved DMR Drone was stripped to the frame at Hook train station, it was secured to the bike rack with one of their locks.  I left it there all night in the hope they would come back get the frame and then I could claim £1000 back.  The next morning I returned to see the frame still locked in place with a slightly singed Kryptonite lock they had gone at it with a hammer and chisel and a blowtorch for a whole night and still had no joy.

I guess the moral of the story is that someone needs to invent a lock that attaches to every single removable component on your bike.

I have to say thanks to Madison for giving me a shiny new bike too

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